‘Fantastic Beasts’ First Monday Beats ‘Doctor Strange’, & ‘Harry Potter’ 1 & 2 — Deadline

Warner Bros.’ Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them took in $6.76M yesterday at 4,144 theaters in its fourth day of release, teeing off what is expected to be a fantastic week at the box office. Fantastic Beasts’ first November Monday beats that of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone ($6.6M), Doctor Strange ($6.2M), Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ($5.3M),…

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Poetic inspiration: Write every day —

Make a pact with yourself that you will write every day – not because you don’t know how to write, but simply for learning to love and enjoy your words – no matter how distant, fake or fade in the beginning they may stray. Maja S. Todorovic If you liked this post and you are […]

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Don’t have trust, it will go to Dust


America has one big problem The community Vs. The Police this has a big impact on society because the community doesn’t put there trust in the police and the police abuse their power as a police officers. Both the community and the police needs to work together and put the real criminals behind bars and not fight with each other.


The Community

The community needs to put their trust into the police and not be against them or act violent or disrespectful and be more aware of what goes on in the neighborhood and for those who do know what’s going on to speak up and do the right thing because you have the right to speak and put those who did wrong behind bars, but that can only work if the community put their trust in the police and tell them the truth. I know some people know people who committed a crime and they don’t want to bring the criminal in because some emotional feeling towards that person, but doing this you’re not only breaking the law of hiding a criminal you’re also putting your life in danger and he/she that you’re hiding may commit another crime and it may be worst than the first crime they committed. This goes for all people have loyalty and be more reasonable about your community it’s a place that will not only affect one person, but kids and other adults that need to live to and should have a better and safer place to live.

The Police

The police officer you are what makes our neighborhood protected from those who hurt others or break the law, but not all of cops do their jobs the right way some of the cops abuse your power. Some don’t have respect for the people in the community and think that just because police have the authority to be armed and the right to question people who they can do what you feel like shooting people and fatal blows to a person for no reason. If you don’t have real evidence on a person then you have no right to violate their rights as a citizen or hold them behind bars . Police shouldn’t arrest people that do not have a real reason behind it then cops do not deserve to wear a badge if you are just going to abuse the power that is being given to them. You took an oath to serve and protect the people of every race in U.S.A. not just protect themselves it is their duty to do your job and put the real people who did a crime and put Thom behind bars so that they can’t kill or harm another innocent  victim punish those who discover it not those who don’t be accountable for your decision and action that you have done because if you were in the people’s shoes you would want Thom the police to do the same for you.

P.S this was a project in my English class so I put it onto my blog so that this can be heard by everyone and not just my high school but worldwide



Grr I can’t stand it anymore the human race can be so disappointed sometimes how can you shoot a white person once if they did something wrong agents the law and give them like what 2 to 5 years but when it comes to any other raise they give them life in prison or  shoot them into their dead. Like come on they have people that care about them too and people they need to take care of you know grr the human race can be a nuance it’s sickening already these police officer think just because they have a gun the can do whatever they please well guess what the law is stupid and a hypocrite how can you say that people who do wrong thing should be behind bars but you have these police officer do 10 times more damage kill off men and little kids and accessing people of doing things that the did not do well I think if the put people behind bars that may or may not be guilty they should also do something with these idiots police officer and guess what if any police officer see my post you can’t do anything to me be we are in a free country and we can day what ever we want to on social media so 😛😛😛😛

Animals almost extinct we should do something about it before its to late

So now i know what to write in my blog after I saw a Documentary on animals that are almost extinct on earth and I now I know what I need to write about. These  are some animals that are Endangered Species polar bears, giant pandas, rhinos, snow leopards and there are many more But sadly, the list is so extensive that there are many species you may never have suspected that  are endangered. Here are twenty of them. These animals are almost gone because either we are killing them or destroying where they live.We have to do something before it’s too late and there’s no more of these beautiful animals are gone because we chose to do these bad thing.Killing these animals  for food or other thing and they don’t even need all these animals for food many people kill them off for fun or because they think that they are a treat to our population and they are not animals usually attack us if they are protecting something like there pack or we are in their territory and they don’t want use there but they are not harmful to us at all but we are to them and we have to start to change that before we as humans become Extinct as well because we died from having no food sores like animals and even plants because we want to build more building and house  and road, trains  but all that we as people are doing is just killing ourself little by little by.Were piloting the air by cutting down all these plant that we need to produce Oxygen by the process of photosynthesis that helps us breath to live on Earth. There is a list below on the current threatened animals  or endanger species that need everyone  help be for every living thing on  Earth which is our home dies out .